U.S. Spy Planes Scour N.Korea for Long-Range Missile Activity
An E-8C Joint STARS ground surveillance aircraft of the U.S. Air Force buzzed the Seoul metropolitan area on Friday to see if North Korea is preparing any intercontinental missile launches. According to Aircraft Spots, a military aircraft tracker, the E-8C flew from an area south of Seoul to the East Sea.
Young People 'Bear Brunt of Moon's Economic Policies'
Footballers Told to Behave During Stay in Pyongyang
PM to Meet Abe with a Message from Moon
High-Flying Audi Exec to Helm Hyundai's U.S. Sales
2 More Wild Boar Carcasses Test Positive for African Swine Fever
Railway Workers End 3-Day Strike
Courts Blocks Trawl Through Cho Kuk's Family Bank Accounts
Courts have rejected requests by prosecutors to comb through the bank accounts of Justice Minister Cho Kuk, his wife and family and appear to be stalling other avenues of investigation.
N.Korea Wants Compensation from Japan for Capsized Trawler
North Korea on Saturday demanded compensation from Japan for a fishing trawler that capsized when it rammed a Japanese patrol ship on the East Sea on Oct. 7. It said the patrol ship committed "a gangster act."
Hyundai, Kia Settle U.S. Class-Action Lawsuit
Hyundai and affiliate Kia said Friday that they reached a settlement in a class-action lawsuit in the U.S. over defective Theta 2 GDi engines. U.S. consumers filed the suit around four years ago.