N.Korea Violated Armistice When Chasing Defector
The UN Command on Wednesday released video footage of a North Korean defector making a mad dash toward the South Korean side of the Joint Security Area last week. The footage makes it clear that North Korean soldiers violated the armistice that halted the Korean War by crossing over to the South Korean side of the border at one point and firing bullets southward.
Seismographs Set up at College Entrance Exam Venues
Many 40-Somethings Have Diabetes, High Blood Pressure
Terminally Ill Patient Refuses Life Support in Pilot Program
N.Korean Soldier Regains Consciousness
Olympic Goose Down Jackets Sell Like Hotcakes
Naver, Kakao Launch AI-Supported Speakers
85 Korean Tourists Refused Entry by U.S. Immigration
A group of 85 Korean tourists were denied entry into the U.S. at an airport in Georgia on Sunday and sent back to Seoul, the Foreign Ministry said Tuesday. The ministry said the Korean Consulate General in Atlanta was notified.
N.Korea Steps up Verbal Attacks on Trump
North Korea's verbal attacks against the U.S. have intensified after Washington’s decision Monday to put the North back on a list of state sponsors of terrorism. Pyongyang's state-run media have focused their florid verbal attacks on Trump.
Apple to Open 1st Store in Korea
Apple plans to open its first fully owned and branded Korean store in trendy Garosu-gil in Seoul's Gangnam next month. The 1,297 sq.m shop will sell Apple merchandise and local SIM cards.