Wet Summer Empties Gangwon's Beaches
Some 92 public beaches of Gangwon Province closed on Sunday as the summer season came to an end. According to provincial officials, the beaches drew 22.44 million visitors this summer, a drop of 8.7 percent compared to last year and the lowest number since 2012, when only 19.26 million people visited the beaches due to the impact of typhoon Bolaven.
Young Jobseekers Want Safe Public-Sector Jobs
Excessive Dieting Leads to Eating Disorders Among Teen Girls
Russia Doubles Oil Shipments to N.Korea
Korea, U.S. Start Annual War Games
Young Koreans Jump into Buy-to-Let Market
THAAD Radar Positioned to Rule out Monitoring of China
Inspection Shows Little Harm from Contaminated Eggs
The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety on Monday said eating around two-and-a-half eggs a day contaminated with up to 0.0763 mg/kg of the pesticide fipronil is safe.
N.Korea's Satellite Pic of Guam Was 6 Years Old
A satellite picture displayed to illustrate North Korea's ostensible plans to surround Guam with "enveloping fire" was at least six years old, analysis shows. The discovery fuels suspicion that the "detailed plan" was an elaborate bluff.
Starbucks Ranked Best Coffee-Shop Chain in Korea
Starbucks received the highest satisfaction rating among franchise coffee chains in a recent consumer survey. The Korea Consumer Agency said Monday that Starbucks scored 3.83 points out of 5.