N.Korea Feels Pinch of Intensifying Sanctions
Intensifying international sanctions are dealing a serious blow not only to the North Korean economy but also to the regime's ability to earn hard currency, according to U.S. intelligence. The regime is propped up by money raised via various agencies, trading firms and diplomatic missions around the world. North Korean laborers abroad also remit cash to the regime.
Youth Obesity Reaches Alarming Proportions
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Trump 'Threatens to Pull U.S. Troops out of Korea'
Spending on Private Crammers Soars to Fresh Record
Moon to Visit Vietnam, UAE
Koreans Get 66 Days off Next Year
Gov't Mulls Drastic Measures to Stimulate Procreation
The government is mulling drastic measures to get Koreans to have more children and boost the chronically low birthrate. Governments around the world collect social security taxes, but no country taxes its citizens to fight low birthrates.
U.S. Expert Warns Against N.Korean Denuclearization Pledges
A U.S. nuclear security expert has warned that any promise by North Korea to freeze its main nuclear facility would be largely meaningless. There are signs that the North is running a presumed underground nuclear and chemical weapons facility in Syria.
GM Union Demands Stock Options in Exchange for Wage Freeze
Unionized workers at ailing GM Korea on Thursday agreed to freeze their wages and forfeit their bonuses this year in exchange for stock options. The workers are asking GM headquarters to distribute among staff the W405 billion worth of stocks.